Our Product


We sell everything you can possibly think of when it comes to electronics. From hard disks to vacuum cleaners, from tills to tablets. New, as good as new, and used. The only downside is that we usually only have one or two items in stock. So if you utterly adore your new, super-cheap monitor and your neighbours all want one too, we may have to disappoint them. Sorry! The good news is that well have dozens of other fantastic, cheap monitors for your neighbours. And washing machines. Television sets. Dryers. Printers. Mobile phones. Have a look at our extensive range now.

Our Product

You can buy the very cheapest electronics from SpicyDeals. But you obviously want to know what you‘re getting for your money. We‘re crystal clear about that. We apply the following classifications, indicated by icons alongside the product. 

Brand new:

the product is new and unused. And we really do mean brand spanking new. The packaging is unopened and undamaged.

New open box:

the product is new and unused. The packaging is damaged or opened, for example because the product is ex-display. Sometimes we therefore repackage it and the product doesn’t come in its original box. Which means a very good price for a new product! 60-70% of our range consists of new products with damaged packaging.

Factory refurbished:

this product was for example exchanged within the return period. We don’t know why. Maybe they ordered the wrong product. Maybe their partner was unhappy about the purchase. The manufacturer did an extensive product inspection. It is as new again. Also demo items are categorized under our condition Factory Refurbished.

SpicyDeals refurbished / reconditioned:

these products have been extensively tested and restored to as-new condition by us. They come with a 1 year carry-in guarantee, so we will fix break-downs and defects that arise during that period. Software problems and user errors are explicitly excluded from the guarantee.


a used or unused product with scratches or damage.